"A word after a word after
a word is power."
—Margaret Atwood
"A word after a word after
a word is power."
—Margaret Atwood
"A word after a word after
a word is power."
—Margaret Atwood

hile the way we put words to paper has evolved from a feather quill pen and ink to typewriter to on-screen copy—what hasn’t changed is that writing takes creative thinking. And no technology can do that.

That is NuBried Communicators’ forte. We focus on the written word, whether it’s an impactful display ad, thought-provoking blog, or in-depth feature article.

We are master storytellers who craft content to get you noticed and grow your business.

Bringing your story to life…with words that resonate.

Who We Are

Once upon a time…back in the late 1980s, two ambitious journalism graduates (a Buckeye and a Gamecock) embarked on careers in newspaper reporting and magazine publishing. Their paths crossed when they wound up writing and editing for the same national magazine and a dynamite creative duo was sparked. In 1991, Patricia Nugent and Laura Briedis combined their experience and talent, as well as their last names, to found NuBried Communicators.

Since then, we’ve been honored to spearhead advertising and marketing campaigns serving clients in diverse industries, including golf, medical, boating, finance, insurance, travel, beauty, salons and spas, restaurants, jewelry and nonprofit organizations.

We widen our clients’ focus and lend a fresh eye from the outside looking in. We take stock of your story and tell it in a relatable way, so people have an idea what you are about and why they should connect with you.

What We Do

Strategic Communications

The orchestration of a company’s words and images to support its mission and goals

• Marketing consulting

• Brand management

• Media relations

Writing Services

Content creation to promote your business and services

• Feature writing

• Ghost writing

• Blogging

• Press releases

• Copy editing

• Proofreading

Advertising Campaigns

Impactful messaging to attract and retain clients and customers

• Print and digital ads

• Websites

• Newsletters

• Brochures

• Postcards

• Billboards

• Radio ads

• Social media



the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative